Pregnancy and Fish: Low-Mercury Fish That Are Safe to Eat While You’re Expecting

It can be really hard to know what you can and can’t eat when you’re pregnant. It can be even harder learning what you have to give up. That said, there’s a big myth out there: you can’t enjoy seafood, or more specifically, most raw fish, like sushi. While this holds true for mercury-rich fish, you can safely enjoy fish that are low in mercury—in moderation, of course. Here are five fish you can safely enjoy during pregnancy as well as some delicious recipe suggestions for each.

You have a lot of restrictions in general when you’re pregnant, which makes thinking about what to eat more complicated than ever. When it comes to seafood, these five fish are more than enough to keep things interesting for the next nine months. Whether you’re tossing them in a salad, enjoying them on a salty cracker or cooking them with pasta, you’ll find many ways that you can still enjoy your favorite fish.

Feature Image: Regal Springs