5 Reasons Tilapia is a Great Alternative to Salmon and Other Fish

It’s time for a culinary stand off! In this corner, rich in nutrients and low in carbs we have Fresh Tilapia from Mexico and Honduras. And in the other corner… everything else. Tilapia, while popular in America and around the world, it isn’t always given the proper credit it deserves. When matched up against other fish such as shrimp and salmon, Tilapia comes up a winner in almost all categories. From its sustainability to its affordability, here are five reasons why Fresh, Lake-Grown Tilapia Tilapia from Mexico and Honduras (about 70% of America’s Fresh Tilapia comes from these countries) and Frozen Tilapia from Indonesia are great alternatives to other common fish.

While tuna and salmon may be the first things that come to mind when someone says “fish,” Tilapia should really be at the top of your grocery list. It’s sustainable, versatile and incredibly healthy. Talk about a total knock-out.

Feature Image: Regal Springs