Surf and Surf: The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Tilapia with Other Popular Seafood

Tilapia and other seafood

We are all familiar with “surf and turf,” but did you know that seafood actually pairs really well with other types of seafood? It’s true—pairing fish with crab, shrimp, mussels and more is a great way to produce healthy, protein-packed meals that taste like they should be on the menu of fine dining restaurant.

Owing to the health benefits inherent in Tilapia, we thought we’d have some fun and try pairing this mild white fish with other popular seafood. Whether you’re making a casual lunch for two or serving a classy dinner party, these seafood-on-seafood options are ready to impress.

Seafood Gumbo

Grillin’ Gumbo With Tilapia

Who doesn’t love a good gumbo? This recipe pairs Tilapia with mussels, clams and shrimp, making for a delicious and nutritious seafood medley. Cutting down on the amount of carbs you’re eating at the moment? Try subbing the rice for one of these great alternatives.

Tilapia Sliders with Lobster Sauce

Tilapia Sliders with Lobster Sauce

Tilapia sliders are mouth-watering enough but when you add the prospect of delicious lobster sauce, they really can’t be beat. These tiny tasters are perfect snack food for hosting Sunday Night Football or other casual evening events. They may be bite-sized but they sure aren’t small on flavor.

Tilapia with Spicy Garlic Oyster Sauce

When you want to let your fresh Tilapia fillets do most of the talking, sometimes only a dash or two of a secondary seafood is needed. A few spoonfuls of oyster sauce will accent Tilapia nicely. You can buy oyster sauce from the store pre-made or even make some yourself if you’re feeling fancy! Oyster sauce is a nice, subtle way to sneak even more seafood goodness into your meal.

Tilapia Seafood Stew

Seafood Stew

Stew is great for a wintertime meal—but many recipes tend to be quite heavy with carbs and red meat. For those who like a lighter, healthier take on this cool weather favorite, try a Tilapia seafood stew. Combine Tilapia, mussels and a few choice spices and veggies to make a delicious stew. Throw in your choice of veggies, such as tomatoes, celery, squash, green beans or zucchini, or any other leftover veggies you have hiding in the fridge.

Crab-Topped Tilapia

You’ve probably heard of crab meat stuffed into mushroom caps or on crackers or bread, but what if you used it in a flavorful sauce on some freshly baked Tilapia? Crab is a very versatile crustacean, and its meat can be bought fresh or canned for convenience. It’s also a very light meat, so perfect for those counting calories. But It also tastes so good you won’t even notice that it’s good for you, too.

Tilapia is a great seafood choice, but it doesn’t have to be the only seafood choice on your plate! Due to its mild, agreeable flavor, it basically pairs well with everything. That means you can still enjoy the health benefits and costs-efficiency of Tilapia alongside crab, lobster, shrimp, mussels and more.

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Photo Credits: Elena Shashkina / Shutterstock Inc., Regal Springs, Regal Springs, Syda Productions / Shutterstock Inc.