Office Etiquette: 5 Coworker-Approved Ways to Eat Fish in the Office

Relaxed group of coworkers having a lunch break in the office

Let’s be clear: We approve of eating what you want, when you want. Not everyone has the money to leave the office for lunch, and a fresh Tilapia salad prepared at home is going to be better for you than eating out. However, there can be a stigma about eating fish in the office, with many people branding it a huge etiquette no-no. That said, there are simple ways to enjoy fish for lunch without worrying about your coworkers—the trick is to get creative and give the microwave a wide berth.

Use Glass Containers

Avoid putting your fish in the communal fridge with a flimsy plastic covering. Glass containers are a more durable and environmentally-friendly way to store your fish, and are more likely to keep the scent contained. Plus, eliminating the use of plastic wrap is just another way to decrease our plastic usage and help the planet. If the fridge isn’t too packed, you can always tuck it in the back on the shelf or even claim an empty produce drawer. You could also consider using an insulated lunch bag to further contain any smells.

Eat Fish Cold

Fresh and easy salad with white fish

Fish salads are a perfect way to enjoy seafood without needing a microwave. Fish that hasn’t been reheated often has less of an obvious scent, and the pile of nutrient rich vegetables that come with it will help get you through the rest of your day. As an added bonus, you’ll feel less bloated and tired in the afternoon if you keep lunches light and fresh.

Add Fish to a Stew

Chop up some pre-cooked fish the night before and prepare your favorite seafood-friendly stew or soup. However, store the fish in a separate container. That way, at work you can heat up the stew only and mix in the fish afterwards. You won’t notice the fish wasn’t reheated because the temperature of the stew will dominate it, and you won’t have to worry about any fish smell either.

Try Fish Raw

Sushi roll with prawn, avocado, cream cheese, sesame

There are plenty of fish that can be eaten raw, including Tilapia. Try making your own sushi rolls, for example, as these are both good for you and easy to transport. Just be sure you’re only using the freshest seafood, and if you’re not sure which fish can be eaten raw, just ask your local fishmonger.

Dine Al Fresco

If you’re feeling particularly self-conscious about your lunch, an easy way to appease your coworkers is to eat your lunch outside (weather permitting). In the process, you’ll stretch your legs and get some fresh air. We can all fall into rut of feeling so busy that we eat our lunch at our desks, but taking some time to get some valuable vitamin D every day is critical for your health, and the fresh air will help you concentrate better in the afternoon.

Shared spaces can be tricky, but these few simple tips will go a long way in preparing considerate seafood lunches. Good for you, good for the office!

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