High Mercury Fish to Limit in Your Diet

You want to include fish in your diet that are high in protein and Omega-3s and rich in flavor and versatility. What you don’t want are fish that are filled with mercury content.

Mercury is a type of metal that comes from coal burning plants, and it’s known to cause damage to the nervous system when high levels are ingested. Mercury often leaks from the plants into the sea, where some species of fish eat it and become contaminated.

Since consuming contaminated fish is the number one cause of mercury exposure in America, we’ve rounded up a list of fish that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) recommend you limit or avoid due to high mercury content.

Seafood lovers can still enjoy a delicious fish dinner without worrying about high mercury levels. Fish like Tilapia, shrimp, trout and salmon have little to no mercury content so you don’t need to worry about limiting the amount of servings you eat per week. Substitute any of these options into recipes featuring mackerel or tilefish. Or you can put a healthy fish twist on your favorite meals!

Feature Photo: Jay Mantri