Healthier Dinners: 4 Common Meals Where You Can Substitute Fish for Meat

Healthy fish burger meat substitute

It’s easy to get stuck in a cooking rut—without realizing it, you may tend to make the same foods year after year. Why not switch it up a bit by substituting meat with a different protein source, like fish? Not only will it help you become more creative in the kitchen, but you may just find a new favorite recipe, too.

Instead of Chicken Fingers, Try Fish Sticks

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Picky eaters and parents alike know that dippable finger foods are always a hit. While chicken fingers are often the go-to, try mixing it up a bit by making fish sticks instead? They’re so easy to make, are a great source of lean protein and, unlike chicken, are a source of omega-3 fatty acids. Best of all, you can still dip them in your favorite dipping sauce—whether that’s barbecue, plum or something homemade.

Instead of Cheese Fondue, Try Fondue Chinoise

Fondue Chinoise Fish Broth Seafood

Cheesy fondues are popular for holiday get togethers, especially when it comes to New Year’s celebrations. This year, why not skip the cheese and instead make a fondue chinoise? This style involves a broth-based fondue rather than a heavy cheese, making it a lighter option that’s perfect for seafood. This Coconut Broth for Fish and Seafood Fondue from Ricardo is a tasty, easy option that would be perfect for dipping shrimp, scallops, crab and pieces of firm, white fish like Tilapia.

Instead of Turkey, Try Stuffed Tilapia

Turkey is a popular go-to for big family dinners, but what about the pescetarians in your family? Why not whip up a dish of stuffed Tilapia for them? It’s far simpler and quicker to cook than turkey, but it’s no less impressive or delicious. You can even customize your fish dish based on your taste preferences by stuffing it with delicious ingredients like crab or spinach and gruyère.

Instead of Beef Burgers, Try Fish Burgers

Fish Burgers Beef Alternative Seafood

Next time you’re planning to throw together a burger dinner, why not give yourself a break from the beef and make fish burgers instead? Beef is a type of red meat, which doctors say can increase your risk for cancer and heart disease, so opt for heart-friendly fish instead. Whether you prefer your burgers done Cajun style or with caramelized onions, you’re sure to find a fish burger that you enjoy.

When it comes to making dinner, it’s easy to rely on the same old recipes without adding any new twists. By replacing the meat in your favorite dinners with fish, not only are you improving your recipe arsenal, but you’re also getting some extra health benefits you may have been previously missing out on. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least twice a week due to its nutritional content. And with these tasty substitutes, getting your fill of fish just got easier.

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