From Frozen to Baked: 5 Tips for Cooking Frozen Fish

There are a number of ways to cook frozen fish beyond simply thawing it and then cooking it as if it’s fresh. If you’re always in a rush or love a quick dinner, these methods allow you to skip thawing entirely, giving you innovative and exciting options when it comes to meal time. There’s no need to take the fish out hours before you want to cook it—unless you have the time of course. All you’ll need to do to get going with these tips and tricks is rinse the frozen fish under cold water, remove any bits of ice, pat it dry with a paper towel and dive right into cooking!

Now that you know these five easy ways to whip up frozen fish, you won’t have to stress about buying it fresh the day you’re craving it. While the cooking process may take a little longer, it beats waiting hours for frozen fish to thaw or missing out on your favorite fish dishes entirely.

Photo Credit: grey color / Shutterstock