What is Clean Eating? 5 Things to Know

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it, your Instagram feed is filled with it and health magazines everywhere are raving about its benefits—but what exactly is “clean eating” and how is it good for you? Clean eating is all about knowing your food’s pathway from its origin to your plate and choosing whole, natural foods. Take fish like Tilapia for example. Always try to buy all-natural, lake-raised tilapia from Mexico, Honduras or Indonesia because Tilapia produced in these countries are well regarded for their clean growing methods.

Thinking of going clean? Here are five things you should know.

Eating clean is a delicious and healthy lifestyle trend that’s here to stay. Even if you don’t make a complete dietary switch, focus on choosing natural, healthy foods that you can source back to their origins. Doing so will ensure you enjoy a more robust and satisfying diet.

Feature Image: HAYSTAAK