5 Companies that Practice Ethical Farming

Our grocery aisles and restaurant menus have been plastered with labels such as “free range,” “cage-free,” and “humane certified,” but how can we make sure that our food is coming from humane sources?

Farms certified as ethical or humane practice their farming in ways that are respectful to the animals and workers. This can mean feeding cattle a grass-only diet or providing the animals with 24/7 access to open fields.

For a better idea of what an ethical farm looks like, here are some examples of companies operating in right now that make ethical choices on their farms. Looking for these products the next time you’re buying groceries—you and the animals will be happy with your choices.

As you can see, there is no one right way to operate a humane farm. Being an ethical farmer simply means treating your animals right so they live to be happy and healthy.

 Photo credit: Phil Roeder