9 Simple Healthy Meal Ideas to Kickstart the New Year

Chopping pepper for simple healthy meal

The countdown is over, the New Year is here and it’s time to keep those resolutions to eat healthier! Feeling a little stuck for meal ideas? Not sure where to start? Start with breakfast. And then scroll down for more simple, healthy meal ideas for every meal of the day.


Simple Healthy Breakfast Meal Ideas Recipes

Many people skip breakfast because they think they can’t afford the time it takes to eat in the morning, but a nutritious breakfast is actually key in preventing weight gain and keeping you full throughout the day.

  1. Steel cut overnight oats are a healthy, fiber-rich option that can be prepared in advance, customized to your liking and served with a side of fresh fruit.
  2. If you prefer to drink your breakfast, a vitamin-filled green smoothie is a delicious option that goes well with a piece of whole wheat toast.
  3. For a breakfast with a little extra protein and omega-3 fatty acids, top a toasted bagel with cream cheese and smoked fish and wash it down with a glass of juice (not from concentrate).


Healthy Lunch Meal Ideas Simple

One of the easiest ways to be healthier in the New Year is by bringing lunch to work rather than buying a meal.

  1. For a protein-rich lunch with spicy citrus flavors, pack some ceviche and serve alongside some unsalted tortilla chips and salsa.
  2. If you’re looking for a meal that can easily be eaten at your desk, try making a mason jar salad that contains lots of veggies and a source of protein with a side of quinoa or brown rice.
  3. Keep going over the weekend. For a lunch that will keep you warm on a cold day, try a braised tomato and leek soup with Tilapia with a side of warm bean salad.


Healthy Dinner Ideas New Year

When it comes to making healthy dinners, the key is to make sure you balance your main courses and side dishes. Aim to eat mostly lean protein, veggies and good carbs rather than fatty foods and empty calories.

  1. For a light, easy meal that doesn’t even require an oven, whip up some herbed pan seared Tilapia loins. Then pair with a vitamin-A filled spinach salad and toasted pita chips with hummus.
  2. For a meal that you can prepare almost entirely ahead of time, make a slow cooker stew. Serve it with your favorite raw veggies and some beans or rice.
  3. If you’re looking for a cozy meal that’s sure to impress your guests or family, roast a fish fillet in the oven alongside some root vegetables and baby potatoes.

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of quick, unhealthy meals. But the New Year is the perfect time to start treating your body better. These nine healthy meal ideas are a good place to start: they’re quick to make and full of nutrients. Start with these and see how much you enjoy eating right!

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