5 Smarter Options to Choose from Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurants

Healthy salad from fast food restaurant

Sometimes even the most health-conscious people can’t avoid eating fast food. Sometimes you’re on a road trip, in a hurry or humoring a child or friend. However, eating at a fast food restaurant doesn’t have to mean eating an unhealthy meal. Here are some of our favorite healthy menu options that you can find at common fast food chains around the country.

The Tristan at MOD Pizza

Mod Pizza Healthier Fast Food Option

For a lighter take on pizza, try the Tristan pizza dish at MOD, an up-and-coming pizzeria chain. The Tristan pizza starts with a thin, chewy crust with a pesto base instead of the typical tomato sauce base. It’s topped with roasted red peppers, mushrooms, asiago and mozzarella. By replacing high calorie, processed toppings such as pepperoni and sausage with healthy vegetable toppings, you’re able to make pizza into a much healthier and lighter choice. If everyone is ordering their own dish instead of sharing, you can control your portion size by ordering a half-size mini pizza.

Shrimp Veggie Bowl at WaBa Grill

Shrimp Veggie Bowl Option Healthier Choice

With only 440 calories, the Shrimp Veggie Bowl at Waba Grill is a smart lunch or dinner option that fans of Asian-inspired dishes are sure to love. It features succulent, skewered shrimp that have been brushed with Waba’s signature teriyaki sauce. The dish is served with steamed veggies on a bed of rice.

Tilapia Salad at Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

Tazikis Mediterranean Cafe Smart Fast Food

Taziki’s offers a variety of healthy Mediterranean-inspired dishes, but our favorite is the Tilapia Salad. Taziki’s takes a light, fresh Tilapia fillet and seasons it with their Mediterranean spice rub. The Tilapia is then placed on top of your choice of Greek, Caesar or Mediterranean salad. Whatever salad you choose, you’ll love how the lettuce and veggies adds a delicious crunch to the flaky, tender Tilapia.

The Mediterranean Bowl at Freshii

Mediterranean Bowl Freshii Healthy Fast Food

Freshii has become a go-to restaurant for people wanting a quick, nutritious meal. We love the Mediterranean Bowl because it’s packed with quinoa (a superfood), red pepper, field greens, kalamata olives, almonds, red pepper and tomato. A light dressing and a bit of feta cheese make this delicious bowl a guilt-free fast food indulgence. If you’re not big on quinoa, you can substitute it with heart-healthy kale.

The VegeFi Burger at BurgerFi

Veggie Burger Quinoa Fast Food BurgerFi

BurgerFi makes it easy to enjoy a juicy burger with their guilt-free VegeFi Burger. The patty is made from crispy quinoa and fresh cut veggies, and is topped with tomato, lettuce and BurgerFi sauce, made up of 15 secret ingredients. To cut down on calories and carbs, order your VegeFi “green style”—your burger will come sandwiched between two pieces of lettuce instead of in a bun.

When you’re out and about and need a fast bite, try one of these smarter choices from fast food restaurants that cater to health-conscious people. By ordering dishes that have a lot of vegetables and healthy sources of protein, you can feel good about eating a fast food meal on the go!

Photo credits: svariophoto / Shutterstock.com, MOD Pizza, Lena Ivanova / Shutterstock.com, rmnoa357 / Shutterstock.com, Freshii, BurgerFi