3 Amazing Tilapia Dishes You Can Find at Rubio’s

There is no greater love than that of a man and his fish taco. At least, not for Ralph Rubio, a fish taco connoisseur who founded Rubio’s, a California-based Mexican restaurant, in 1983 that has now grown to over 190 locations. The only problem is that if everyone loved fish tacos and other amazing Mexican seafood dishes as much as Rubio did, the ocean would be fishless! This is why Rubio’s amazing restaurant and catering company only sources sustainable fish, providing their customers with delicious food without depleting the ocean of a valuable resource. Regal Springs Tilapia is one of the sustainably farmed fish they use in their mouth-watering recipes. If you’re looking to get a taste of the same fish Rubio fell in love with over thirty years ago, here are three dishes on their menu that you’ve got to try.

Regal Springs Tilapia Taco

Photo Credit: Rubio’s

This is where Rubio’s love for fish tacos originally began. For the Regal Springs Tilapia Taco, Rubio’s mixes a creamy chipotle sauce and cilantro jalapeno slaw then tops it with grilled or blackened Regal Springs Tilapia. Served on a warm stone-ground corn tortilla, this recipe is full of authentic flavors. Once you take a bite, you’ll realize why Rubio fell head over heels over this fish.

Regal Springs Tilapia Burrito

Photo Credit: Rubio’s

With a choice of grilled or blackened fish, the Regal Springs Tilapia Burrito offers two delicious options to Rubio’s customers. Served with handmade guacamole and fire-roasted corn or lightly salted tortilla chips, these burritos are also jam-packed with Mexican rice, a cilantro/onion mix, green cabbage and creamy chipotle sauce. Even if you have a more than healthy appetite, this hearty meal will be sure to satisfy your hunger.

Chipotle Orange Salad

Photo Credit: Rubio’s

This summer-fresh salad is made with bright mandarin oranges, blackened jalapenos (for a kick), fire-roasted corn, avocado slices and black beans. All of this sits on a blend of spring mix, butter lettuce and tortilla strips. You can choose to top the salad with Regal Springs Tilapia (grilled or blackened), pan-seared shrimp, pacific Mahi-Mahi (grilled or house blackened) or grilled chicken. This delicious meal is on the lighter side of the three options at Rubio’s, but it’s sure to fill you up without leaving you feeling overstuffed.

Ralph Rubio’s restaurant and catering company has one mandate: to serve delicious and sustainable seafood. Without sacrificing one for the other, the company has grown to over 190 restaurants and continues serving up some of the best fish tacos in America.

Feature image:  teofilo