What Foods Should I Be Eating Post-Workout? Here Are the Basics

post workout meals food

After working out, your body needs two things: energy and recovery. Workouts put a lot of strain on your body so eating the right foods can make the difference between feeling sore and tired the next day or feeling healthy and energized. With this in mind, the best foods to enjoy after a sweat sesh should be high in protein and carbs to help you repair your muscles and raise your energy levels. Here are what we’ve found to be the six best foods to give you a healthy serving of protein and carbs after a long run or spin class—no matter what you’re craving.

There are many post-workout foods you could enjoy, but these six are the simplest and tastiest ones that will also give you a boost of energy. Whether you have a sweet tooth or are looking for something more savory, these great foods will have you up and running again in time for your next visit to the gym.

Feature Image: Olga Nayashkova / Shutterstock