Cozy Cooking: Try These 5 Tilapia Seafood Chowders

Summer is sadly coming to an end. But, is there anything better than a warm and hearty chowder on a chilly day? It’s hard to beat the comforting flavors of Tilapia, potato and your favorite herbs when the wind is blowing and the rain is falling. We’ve put together a list of our go-to seafood chowder recipes to help keep you cozy and full throughout the colder months.

Tilapia Corn Chowder

Tilapia Corn Chowder Recipe Seafood

This Tilapia corn chowder is a great recipe for the beginning of fall, when fresh corn is still sold at the farmer’s market. Vegetables like leek, celery and carrot are cooked in a low-sodium chicken broth that’s seasoned with thyme and chives, bringing out the delicate flavors of the Tilapia. This chowder is also gluten-free, making it a great choice for those who are on a gluten-free diet.

Try the recipe: Tilapia Corn Chowder from Eating Well.

Manhattan Fish Chowder

Manhattan Fish Chowder Recipe Fall

If you’re a fan of tomato-based soups, you’ll love this Manhattan fish chowder. The tomato, thyme, onion and potatoes create a delicious medley of comforting flavors, while the bacon adds a bit of saltiness to the chowder. Because the Tilapia isn’t added until the chowder until the final minutes of simmering, it results in fish that cooks quickly and stays tender yet doesn’t break apart.

Try the recipe: Manhattan Fish Chowder from Martha Stewart.

Tilapia Fish Chowder

Tilapia Fish Chowder Recipe Autumn

This Tilapia fish chowder features a tantalizing mix of sautéed mushrooms, onion and celery seasoned with Old Bay Seasoning. These flavors then simmer in evaporated milk, the secret ingredient that makes this Tilapia chowder nice and creamy. Since the recipe makes eight servings, it’s a great way to make dinner and the next day’s lunch all at once!

Try the recipe: Tilapia Fish Chowder recipe from Cully’s Kitchen.

Maritime Seafood Chowder

Maritime Seafood Chowder Fall Recipe

Celebrity chef Michael Smith is known for his Atlantic-inspired seafood recipes, and this seafood chowder recipe inspired by his oceanside upbringing is sure to delight any seafood lover. This recipe is made from easy-to-find ingredients, and can be made a night or two in advance if you have a busy week coming up.

Baby clams, your favorite shellfish and white wine are just some of the ingredients you’ll find in this chowder. Michael Smith says any type of fresh fish will work well in the chowder, and we recommend Tilapia because of its light flavor and versatility.

Try the recipe: Maritime Seafood Chowder from Canadian Living.

Tilapia and Chorizo Chowder

Tilapia Chorizo Chowder Fish Recipe

For something with a little bit of a spicy kick to it, try this Tilapia and chorizo chowder recipe. This Spanish-inspired sausage adds a bit of spice to the chowder and adds a unique flavor twist to the tender and light Tilapia. This recipe also features fire roasted tomatoes, an addition that adds some robustness and edge to the recipe.

Try the recipe: Tilapia and Chorizo Chowder from Rachel Ray Magazine.

Next time you’re looking for a hearty dinner that will warm you up on a cold night, break out the soup pot and make one of these comforting seafood chowders. They make a great lunch the next day, too!

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