Here’s Why You Should Eat Tilapia After Your Workout

eat tilapia after your workout

Your post-workout meal is an important one. During exercise, muscle protein is degraded, meaning that consuming protein rich foods after exercise is an essential step to help your body replenish itself.

There are an array of readily available protein drinks and bars out there that claim to be fast, easy meal substitutes to enjoy after the gym. Unfortunately, the amount of sugar and fat in these on-the-go snacks can often cancel out the benefit of giving your body nutrients.

Instead of turning to these fast snacks, you should focus on grabbing something with no negative side effects, which is where Tilapia comes in. Fresh Tilapia from Mexico and Honduras is widely available from stores like Kroger, Sprouts, Safeway and Walmart or frozen Krikland Tilapia from Costco and Giant Eagle all contain high amounts of protein with little fat and no mercury or antibiotics making it the perfect post-workout food.

Here are some of the other reasons why you should eat Tilapia after your workout.

Photo credit: Warren Goldswain / Shutterstock