The Perfect Side Dish: Tilapia Salad


Everyone knows that Tilapia makes a delicious main, but what about on top of a salad? During the hot summer months, consider sprucing up your go-to spinach and cherry tomato salad with a fillet of blackened Tilapia for a kick.

With Costco’s Frozen Kirkland Tilapia Loins or fresh Tilapia from Mexico or Honduras, the possibilities for a delicious salad are endless. Low carbs, low calories and sure to impress, here are some other recipes to make your summer that much tastier.

Don’t just limit yourself to Tilapia salads in the summer—if these recipes strike your fancy, switch out summer-abundant ingredients like avocado and strawberries for more fall-based fruit/vegetables, like roasted squash, cabbage or apples.

 Photo credit: skinnymom