Awesome Companies with Zero Waste Policies

landfill waste

Zero-waste is a concept that incorporates various methods and measures aimed at eliminating waste and challenging old ways of thinking. When a company attempts to be zero-waste, their thinking will shift from viewing waste as garbage, to viewing it as a potential resource that has “value to be realized rather than a problem to be dealt with.” In doing so, companies following this policy are able to cut back on waste in our landfills.

These companies are more abundant than you think—and some might surprise you! Here are a few companies who have made big changes in their operations and now follow various zero-waste policies.

Zero-waste policies aren’t just for big companies. There are many ways you as a consumer can all cut back on creating waste in your home to keep the planet cleaner. Consider purchasing products and services from companies who support these policies. And if you don’t already, ensure that you are composting, reusing and recycling whenever possible. As seen by these zero-waste companies, everything counts—so make the difference.

Photo credit: Bill McChesney