6 Good, Bad and Surprising Facts About Aquaculture

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As the human population continues to balloon, we’ll soon need a larger and more responsible source of food to feed ourselves—and one that isn’t so detrimental to the environment.

Aquaculture, better known as fish farming, may be the solution. It can help produce healthy and nutritious food, while also contributing a number of benefits to the environment—but only if done correctly. However, it can also do a lot of harm in the hands of a solely profit-driven company, which is why it’s important to understand all sides of the industry.

We look at some of the good, bad and surprising facts about aquaculture to give you a better understanding of the practice as a whole.

With the demand for responsible sources of food growing each day, aquaculture is an industry that is seeing tremendous growth. There are both pros and cons to the practice, but if done correctly, aquaculture will be a responsible and reliable source of seafood for years to come.

Feature Image: NOAA’s National Ocean Service