6 Ways to Combine Superfoods and Tilapia

As a lean source of protein with zero carbs, Regal Springs Tilapia truly is a super fish. It’s also a source of potassium, protein and calcium. These nutrients make it a great food to incorporate into any diet, no matter your dietary restrictions. But this doesn’t mean that Tilapia is where you should stop when deciding to give your body a boost with a healthy lifestyle. Rather, this healthy, white fish is great base for other foods—in particular, superfoods that are high in nutrients without any pesky side effects. We’ve found six superfoods that work perfectly with Tilapia and we suggest you give them all a try.

Combining Tilapia with superfoods can really round out the nutritional value of your meals. Whether you’re looking for an immunity boost from broccoli or to up your protein intake by adding Greek yogurt to your meals, Tilapia is a great partner in any healthy diet duet.

Photo Credit: marilyn barbone / Shutterstock