5 Classic Recipes with Healthy Updates


Many classic dishes such as fish and chips, cheeseburgers and casseroles are staples in the American household, but they also tend to veer towards the unhealthy side of a balanced diet. Sacrificing flavor for health is a difficult decision to make. Luckily health-conscious chefs from all over have found ways to make these classics healthier—without putting taste on the back burner. Sometimes the change is as simple as switching red meats with mild fish such as Tilapia; in other cases it’s the way the meal is made. Regardless, here are some recipes to help you rediscover classic dishes without having compromise healthiness or taste.

Finding healthy alternatives to include in your diet can be intimidating, but as you can see it’s as easy as switching meat for fish or incorporating healthier ingredients from time to time. Opting for natural ingredients can make a big difference to your body without forcing you to give up some of favorite classic dishes, so ‘indulge’ and enjoy!

Photo Credit: Culinary Ginger