5 Ingredient (or Less) Tilapia Recipes

One of the greatest things about Tilapia is that it is such a versatile fish—it works well with many different flavors and cooking methods. Not only that, but it also doesn’t require too many ingredients to make into a delicious meal.

We know that you’re busy, but healthy and tasty meals shouldn’t fall to the wayside because of it! In light of that, here are some nutritious Tilapia recipes you can cook that only require 5 ingredients or less.

Fresh Tilapia from Mexico or Honduras and Costco’s Kirkland Frozen Tilapia Loins can be used in many different dishes with only a few other ingredients—and it still tastes delicious. Have you tried out any of these recipes? Let us know!

 Photo credit: Tewan Yangmee / Shutterstock