Why Tilapia is Perfect for Low-Carb Diets

The concept behind the low-carb diet is simple: get as many nutrients as you can without taking in many carbs in order to promote healthy weight loss. This means eating less processed foods that are high in sugars and, instead, choosing more fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood. Tilapia fits perfectly within a low-carb diet as it’s versatile and packed with many essential nutrients. Here are a few great reasons why your should make this delicious fish (no matter if it’s fresh from Walmart or frozen from Costco!) a regular addition to your low-carb routine.

Cook it With Anything

Photo Credit: Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock

And we mean anything! The mild taste of Tilapia works well with meal ideas inspired by flavours from around world. A low-carb diet can leave you wanting more flavor in your dishes since most tasty foods contain many carbs. The good thing about Tilapia is that it contains zero carbs but can be easily packed with your favorite flavors and spice. Plus, its low-carb count means you can whip up a side of potatoes and not worry about hitting your daily cap. Add Tilapia to a salad, slather it with your favorite sauce or even try frying it with tasty fresh herbs.

No Carbs, Lots of Protein

Photo Credit: Skeeze

If you’re on a low-carb diet, chances are you’re trying to exercise as part of your reinvigorated, healthy lifestyle. Even if you’re eating without counting carbs, it can be hard to get the protein your muscles need to recover and grow. Tilapia is a great way to get a ton of protein and avoid taking in any carbs. A four-ounce serving of a skinless fillet packs 23 grams of protein in 110 calories. Each gram of protein equals 4 calories, meaning that 92 of these 110 calories are pure protein. If that doesn’t make this the perfect fish to accompany your healthy low-carb lifestyle, we don’t know what is.

Leaves You Feeling Full

Photo Credit: Wounds_and_Cracks

The point of a low-carb diet isn’t to cut carbs out entirely, but rather, it’s to cut out empty carbs (foods with high carbs and little nutritional value). Unfortunately, carbs are one of the main foods we turn to when we want to feel full. That said, Tilapia is a great way to fill up when you’re on a tight carb budget because its high nutritional value will leave you feeling satisfied and energized. Since cutting carbs overnight can be very difficult, replacing highly-processed meals with something that includes Tilapia will allow you to cut down on your carbs, one meal at a time.

Beginning (and maintaining) a low-carb diet can be tough, but incorporating Tilapia as a staple in your new, healthy lifestyle can go a long way. It works with many different dishes and flavor profiles, meaning Tilapia isn’t something you’ll get bored of easily. Combine that with its numerous health benefits and you have a perfect protein to cook and experiment with as you embark upon your low-carb journey.

Feature Image: moerschy