Autumn Harvest: 16 Sustainable Foods to Purchase This Fall

At The Healthy Fish, we’ve already explained why eating seasonally is important (check out this article if you need a refresher). Now that a new season is upon us, we’ve put together a list of the most sustainable foods to purchase this fall. Most of these foods are extremely versatile and easy to prepare, so get out your shopping list and get ready to enjoy the autumn harvest!


Autumn truly is a vegetable-lover’s paradise, as so many delicious veggies are in season. Winter squash varieties such as butternut, acorn and spaghetti squash are high in vitamin A and are extremely versatile. They can be roasted, made into soup or made into a mash.

Sweet potatoes may be known as a holiday favorite but are in fact readily available throughout the fall. They’re high in vitamins A and C and fibre, and can be substituted in any recipe that calls for less healthy, regular potatoes.

Brussels sprouts may have a bad reputation amongst picky eaters, but when roasted with herbs, cranberries and balsamic vinegar, this member of the cabbage family will be irresistible to almost anyone.


Apples Seasonal Fruit Autumn Sustainable

Fear not, summer lovers! You can still get your fix of fruit in the fall with these seasonal delights. Although apples are available year-round, they’re best in autumn when they’re fresh-picked. There are thousands of different varieties of apples. For a fun family outing, go to your local pick-your-own apple orchard and see which type you like best!

Cranberries may be a little too tart to eat on their own, but take advantage of this seasonal berry by using it in your favorite baked goods or by making your own cranberry sauce for the upcoming holidays. Pears, concord grapes and clementines are some other fruits that are in season just in time for those back-to-school lunches.


Getting your daily source of protein is easy in the Fall because there are so many yummy protein-rich foods in season! Turkey is a favorite for many people during Thanksgiving or Christmas, but its widespread availability and high protein, zinc, iron and vitamin B6 content makes it a great option for lunch or dinner any day.Healthy Protein - Tilapia

Fresh Tilapia from Mexico and Honduras is another great seasonal option. Since Tilapia from farms like Regal Springs is sustainably raised in floating pens, Fresh Tilapia is always in season and never overfished.

Autumn has plenty of protein-rich foods for no-meat Mondays as well. Shell beans such as edamame, chickpeas, lima beans and black beans are all healthy sources of vegetarian protein that are in season in the fall.


Autumn Harvest Seasonal Grain Sustainable

Believe it or not, even some grains can be purchased in season! If you purchase your flour from local mills or farms, be on the lookout for heritage wheat varieties that can be made into delicious, homemade bread. Heritage wheat varieties are often less processed than typical white flour.

If you’re eating gluten-free, there’s a seasonal grain option for you too: buckwheat! Although the name is confusing, this grain contains no wheat as it’s a seed. When it’s in its natural form, it makes a great alternative to traditional porridge.

Now that autumn is here, keep your eyes open for these sustainable foods. They’ll make a delicious, seasonal addition to your dinner table!

Photo credits: Aaron Burden, Markus Spiske, Annie Spratt, Alvaro German Vilela /, Aleksandra Wolska