5 Reasons H-E-B is a Great Place to Buy Seafood

Even though it may be convenient, your local supermarket isn’t always the best place to purchase your seafood. Since these stores are often focused on offering everything and anything to the metropolitan customer, providing carefully selected sustainable seafood may not be very high on their list. H-E-B, on the other hand solves that problem and then some. The good folks that started this company built it with the community, the environment and ethical practices in mind. Today, H-E-B is one of the best places in Texas and Northern Mexico to get your seafood and here are a number of reasons why.

Focused on Sustainability

Photo Credit: Regal Springs

H-E-B wants to ensure that they only do business with companies who fish or farm fish in a sustainable manner. For example, H-E-B is a supplier of Regal Springs Tilapia, which upholds a progressive, goal-oriented business model. Regal Springs farms their Tilapia with the environment in mind and ensures that their company has a positive impact on communities in Mexico, Indonesia and Honduras.

Positive Seafood Policy

Photo Credit: H-E-B

Sustainability isn’t H-E-B’s only focus. They also wants to ensure their suppliers meet the standards of their seafood policy. Though minimizing environmental impact is a big part of this, there’s more of a focus on actually improving the environment where these companies are farming or catching seafood. It’s these kinds of suppliers, which focus on the future, that H-E-B is most proud to be partnered with, since they believe that a good quality product doesn’t mean sacrificing our the environment.

Education Awards

Photo Credit: H-E-B

Other than providing sustainable, ethical seafood choices, H-E-B helps the community through excellence in education awards. With $800,000 in prizes, H-E-B’s awards have five categories: the Teacher Award, Principal Award, District Award, School Board/Leadership Award and lastly, the Early Childhood Award. This program is a great way to recognize those who are educating the next generation of leaders in America for doing incredible work.

Environmental Efforts

Photo Credit: Scott Ableman

H-E-B, like much of America, is concerned with the use of natural resources and the creation of unnecessary waste. Since 2014, H-E-B has reduced their environmental footprint drastically by eliminating the use of the equivalent of “12 million trees, 1 million barrels of oil, and 690 million kilowatt hours [. . .] Enough to power more than 45,000 homes for an entire year.” They’re always striving to reduce the energy used during transportation too, noting that they’re one of the USA’s leaders in cutting emissions from the transportation of goods.

Disaster Relief

Photo Credit: H-E-B

H-E-B also works towards the dream of building a better Texas by providing disaster relief to those who need. By setting up a donation program that allows Texans to add $1, $3, or $5 to their grocery bill, the community donates to the American Red Cross for Texas Flood and Tornado Relief.

It’s clear that H-E-B is a forward-thinking, progressive company. Their vision of bettering the way the fishing industry functions is one they’re passionate about, working tirelessly with suppliers to provide their valued customers with sustainable fish from environmentally conscious companies. Aside from their business practices, H-E-B is also community-oriented, supporting local educators as well as individuals in times of crisis. They’re more than just a store —they’re a company that cares that will give you far more than just seafood.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anderson