5 Healthy Game-Time Snacks for Fall

healthy game-time snacks

When football season strikes, you want to be prepared with delicious snacks, but it’s all too easy to buy calorie-laden and nutrient-deprived chips and dip from the store. We’ve rounded up some delicious and healthy recipes you can make throughout football season.

Tilapia Sliders

Tilapia Sliders Healthy Football Sunday Recipe

Switch out fatty beef sliders for these lean Tilapia sliders. It features tender, protein-rich morsels of Tilapia fillet that are coated in crunchy cornmeal. The fish is then tucked into soft buns with lettuce, tomato, cheese and a tangy tartar sauce. If you’ve got kids, these will get them involved in the kitchen. They will love topping their own sliders with their favorite condiments.

Try the recipe: Tilapia Sliders from Regal Springs.

Healthy Sweet Potato Skins

This healthy sweet potato skins recipe upgrades a classic by swapping out basic white potatoes with vitamin-filled sweet potatoes. Then, you add a creamy shallot, chickpea and sweet potato filling. Although this recipe is filled with superfoods, it’s so delicious that your guests may prefer it to the original.

Try the recipe: Healthy Sweet Potato Skins from Pinch of Yum.

Ginger Garlic Shrimp with Tangy Tomato Sauce

Ginger Garlic Shrimp Healthy Football Recipe

Whip up these ginger garlic shrimp for a sure crowd pleaser. Shrimp are packed with protein (there’s one gram in every shrimp), and this dish really jazzes them up. Season the shrimp with an herb and lemon based marinade and serve them with a chutney-like dipping sauce with chunks of tomato, lemongrass and tangy lime juice. These are sure to be a finger-food favorite!

Try the recipe: Ginger Garlic Shrimp with Tangy Tomato Sauce from Food & Wine.

Mini Taco Tortilla Cups

These self-contained mini taco tortilla cups are an irresistible (and less messy) alternative to a plate of nachos. This veggie-filled snack features corn, black beans, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes and avocado that surround a taco-seasoned, cream cheese filling. Their grab-and-go size makes them perfect for a quick bite between whistles during the big game.

Try the recipe: Mini Taco Tortilla Cups from Lemons for Lulu.

Healthier Spinach Artichoke Dip

Healthier Spinach Artichoke Dip Football Sunday

Regular spinach dip is usually filled with unhealthy ingredients like cream cheese, sour cream, mayo and shredded cheese. But this healthier spinach artichoke dip uses cannellini beans instead of loads of dairy products. This gives the dish a creamy texture before it’s stuffed full of spinach.

Try the recipe: Spinach Artichoke Dip from My Sequined Life.

Next time it’s your turn to host the gang for Football Sunday, skip the unhealthy snacks and whip up a few of these tasty alternatives instead. Looking for more crowd-pleasing recipes? Check out these finger food favorites!

Photo Credits: Ryzhkov Photography / Shutterstock Inc., Tonyng / Shutterstock Inc., Food & Wine, Lemons for Lulu, My Sequined Life