High Protein, Low Fat: 7 Tilapia Recipes Under 500 Calories


If you’re looking to bulk up, trim down or just eat better in general, Tilapia is the right fish for you. It’s low in fat, calories and carbs while also being high in protein, making it a nutritious alternative to other meats—including other fish. We love cooking with Costco’s Kirkland Frozen Tilapia Loins or Fresh Tilapia form Honduras or Mexico from Regal Springs.

Here are some Tilapia recipes you can make that are lower than 500 calories to get you on the right track to eating well.

Delicious, protein-packed meals don’t have to always pack on the pounds. With under 500 calories and lip smacking flavors, these recipes are sure to please everyone at home—including you!

Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens


  1. […] Containing only 90 calories per serving, Tilapia is significantly lower in calories compared to other fish like tuna (184) and salmon (208). Plus, with a whopping 21 grams of protein, Tilapia is the perfect post-workout protein. Consider pairing Tilapia with a side of brown rice, edamame beans and sautéed swiss chard for an energy packed meal. For other low calorie, high protein meals, check out these recipes. […]

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